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The purpose of Single-Key mode

Single-Key mode (Key Screen)

Holding your iPhone without a Motion Synth Grip

The AUUG Motion Synth app was designed from the ground up to work with the Motion Synth Grip. The grip frees your hand from needing to grasp your iPhone/iPod touch while you play, which in turn increases the dexterity with which you can play notes and removing the risk that you will drop your iPhone/iPod touch while in motion.

The Motion Synth grip also includes a tactile screen overlay which allows you select notes accurately without looking at the screen, giving you a greater range of movement while playing notes.

To purchase the Motion Synth Grip and upgrade the Motion Synth app visit:

The AUUG Motion Synth App is a powerful professional tool for translating and transmitting motion and touchscreen data as MIDI signals. It has cost a lot of time and money to develop, and will continue to cost time and money to extend and support.

However, we recognise that we have developed a novel concept and that people need to have some experience of it to understand its benefits. The best way for people to have this experience is via the single-key mode, which allows the player to more safely grip their iPhone/iPod touch while also playing pre-set melodies and moving.

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