Effects control switched on and off via touch

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Effects control switched on and off via touch

Postby AUUG » Fri Mar 18, 2016 8:37 am

There has been a lot of interest recently in how to setup a MIDI-controlled effect to only be active when touching a button on the touch screen. While it is possible to implement such functionality in software like Ableton Live, there is some native support for this within the Motion Synth app already (which can be expanded if helpful to users).

In the Motion Synth app, load a 'Send Continuous Controller MIDI Message' module in the Motion Tab: http://auug.info/wiki/doku.php/public/m ... i_messages

Then select 'Up-Down Orientation Change' as the input type: http://auug.info/wiki/doku.php/public/o ... ion_change

The 'Up-Down Orientation Change' input type differs from other measurements in that it starts being measured when a key is pressed on the Key Screen. Therefore, this input measures the change in Up-Down Orientation that occurs AFTER at least one key is activated. When the key is released the Up-Down Orientation Change value returns to zero. Once at least one key is being held, it does not affect the Up-Down Orientation Change value if additional keys are activated. This value also depends on the Up-Down Orientation at the time the first key is pressed, as well as the direction of the change, so be sure to watch the video and read its full description and here: http://auug.info/wiki/doku.php/public/o ... ion_change

If you set a MIDI-controlled effect to be controlled by 'Up-Down Orientation Change', then the effect will only change if at least one button is pressed (and Up-Down orientation changes are made). Also, the effect will return to its baseline value once all keys are released.

Let us know if this type of functionality is useful as we can add it to other input types as well (eg 'Forearm Rotation', 'Left-Right Orientation', and 'Up-Down or Left-Right Motion').

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