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iPhones and iPod touch mobile devices can send musical control signals (coreMIDI protocol) to MacBooks wirelessly (by creating an ‘ad hoc’ Wi-Fi network on your laptop; no Wi-Fi router or additional gear needed).

Windows laptops can create a similar wireless setup using free third party software: (kindly made available by Tobias Erichsen – please consider giving him a donation for his excellent work!).

Any software with MIDI functionality can be used with the AUUG Motion Synth (e.g. GarageBand, Ableton Live, Pro Tools, Max, PD, Reaktor, Massive, etc).


Ad hoc networks between laptops and iOS devices can get 'drowned-out' by mobile phone signals in live venues. The bigger the crowd the bigger this problem becomes. In this scenario it is better to use a MIDI cable (eg iRig MIDI) from your iOS device to the MIDI target, or set up a special wifi router that can isolate your signals from the crowd.

Setting up a Wi-Fi link from your iPhone to your Mac laptop

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