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Single-Button Mode:

If you have installed the AUUG Motion Synth (AMS) app, but have not activated it you, your version of the app is set to single-button mode. In single-button mode the keyboard screen includes on large single button. In Single-Button mode, each time you press this single button on the keyboard screen you advance one note forward in a pre-defined melody (to select a different melody go to Settings > Motion > [Press the '+' key and select] Single-Button Module).

Multi-Button Mode:

To function as intended, the full version of AMS app needs to be used together with AMS grip. The grip and full-app are sold as a pair, and this purchase unlocks an optional 8 button grid for the keyboard screen on which you can directly play notes (and configure the root note and scale). To purchase/unlock these benefits and more, or learn more about Single-Button mode go to Settings > Help/Upgrade.

Purpose of Single Button Mode:

The AMS app was designed from the ground up to work with the AMS grip. The grip frees your hand from needing to grasp your iPhone/iPod touch while you play, which in turn increases the dexterity with which you can play notes and removing the risk that you will drop your iPhone/iPod touch while in motion. The AMS grip also includes a tactile screen overlay which allows you select notes accurately without looking at the screen, giving you a greater range of movement while playing notes.

The AUUG Motion Synth app is a powerful professional tool for translating and transmitting motion and touchscreen data as MIDI signals. It has cost a lot of time and money to develop, and will continue to cost time and money to extend and support. However, we recognise that we have developed a novel concept and that people need to have some experience of it to understand its benefits. The best way for people to have this experience is via the single-button mode, which allows the player to more safely grip their iPhone/iPod touch while also playing notes and moving.

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