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VoiceLive Touch

The TC-Helicon VoiceLive Touch 2 is a hardware processor for vocal harmonies, effects, and looping.

It accepts MIDI input, and many of its effects parameters can be controlled via MIDI input, making it a great partner device for the Motion Synth. The VoiceLive Touch 1 can also be used, as well as any other vocal effects processor that can be controlled by MIDI input.

Check out some VoiceLive Touch harmonies and effects being controlled by the Motion Synth here.

Guide to using the Motion Synth with the VoiceLive touch:

  • Send MIDI from the Motion Synth to a VoiceLive Touch via a MIDI cable with a 5-DIN connector.
  • To control harmony notes via the Motion Synth Key Screen, pick a preset on the VoiceLive Touch that supports this. For example, VoiceLive Touch preset #155 'MIDI Notes', allows you to trigger harmony notes via the Keys on the Motion Synth Key Screen.
  • Use the list of MIDI Continuous Controller numbers ('MIDI Implementation', see page 78) in the VoiceLive Touch Manual to select which effect parameters you want to control via motion.
  • Use the Motion Tab in the Motion Synth App to set up Send CC modules that will map your actions to the effect parameters you want to control. To get you started, you can import the example preset included below directly into the Motion Synth App. As explained below, this preset is already set up to control specific effect parameters.

Example Motion Synth preset for use with the VoiceLive Touch 2

This Motion Synth preset was created by the amazing artist Portrait.

You can see her testing out the preset here:

To use this Motion Synth App preset, make sure you have select the VoiceLive Touch preset #155 'MIDI Notes' (or created a new preset based on this preset).

Also press the 'Effects' button on the VoiceLive Touch and make the following changes: Turn 'H-Tune' off, turn 'Delay' on, and turn 'Rhythm' on. Once you have finished making these changes, the Effects screen of the VoiceLive Touch 2 should look like this:

You can now import the Motion Synth App preset designed to work with VoiceLive Touch configuration you have created above.

Instructions on how to import this Motion Synth App preset are available below. A video introduction to the Presets tab can be found here.

The types of control included in this Motion Synth App preset are:

  • MIDI CC 85: Harmony Level (Left-Right Orientation)
  • MIDI CC 62: Delay Level (Left-Right Orientation)
  • MIDI CC 80: Rhythm Depth (Forearm Rotation)
  • MIDI CC 83: Rhythm Division (Forearm Rotation)

Motion Synth App preset (to be imported into the Motion Synth App, see instructions below):

How to import the above preset into the Motion Synth App:

iPhone/iPod touch (Safari):

  1. Tap inside the box above. This will activate text entry.
  2. Tap inside the box again to activate the “select all” option.
  3. After pressing “select all”, press “copy”. The preset is now copied to the “clipboard” on your iPhone or iPod touch.
  4. Return to the “Presets” tab in the Motion Synth App and select “Import” to transfer the preset from the clipboard to the Motion Synth App. Either use the default name or create your own.


  1. Place your cursor inside the text box above and activate “select all” (mac: COMMAND A, windows: CTRL A), then “copy”.
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