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Vocoder - Ableton Live

This Ableton Live project demonstrates a (poorly setup) vocoder effect designed to be controlled by the AUUG Motion Synth:

Use this Ableton Live project in conjunction with this Motion Synth App preset:

AUUG Motion Synth App Vocoder preset

The carrier signal for the vocoder 'Brassicana Lead', can be replaced with any other synth. Replacement with a polyphonic synth would allow chords to be created.

Refining the vocoder settings could produce a more detailed 'vocal' sound than achieved here.

As shown in the video below, the Motion Synth is controlling parameters within both the vocoder effect and the carrier signal ('Brassicana Lead').

In this video a vocal signal is being fed into the 'Vocoder' track with an earbud mic. Lowering the dry/wet parameter on the vocoder effect will allow more of the source vocal signal to be heard.

Demonstration video:

The Ableton Live project above is designed to work with the Multi-Key version of the Motion Synth App (plus the grip).

Load the project above into Ableton Live, connect your Motion Synth to your computer via a wireless or cabled connection.

If you don't have Ableton Live, Ableton offers a free 30 day trial.

Important: Make sure you have Ableton's MIDI preferences setup correctly as described here.

AUUG Motion Synth App preset (for use with Vocoder project)

Import this preset to the Motion Synth App according to the instructions below:

How to import the above preset into the Motion Synth App:

iPhone/iPod touch (Safari):

  1. Visit this page on your iPhone or iPod touch.
  2. Tap inside the box above. This will activate text entry.
  3. Tap inside the box again to activate the “select all” option.
  4. After pressing “select all”, press “copy”. The preset is now copied to the “clipboard” on your iPhone or iPod touch.
  5. Return to the “Presets” tab in the Motion Synth App and select “Import” to transfer the preset from the clipboard to the Motion Synth App. Either use the default name or create your own.


  1. Place your cursor inside the text box above and activate “select all” (mac: COMMAND A, windows: CTRL A), then “copy”.
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