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Motion Synth User Creations & Feedback

The Motion Synth has only been available since early 2015, but there has already been an explosion of experimentation among Motion Synth users.

Below are some examples of user creations, experiments, first experiences, and feedback.

Videos introducing the Motion Synth can be found here.

User Performances & Experiments:

Junior Carelli on Motion Synth at Rock in Rio with Leo Mancini and Noturnall Band.
Photo Credit: Daniel Croce

A performance by Harshside at Music Tech Fest Ljubljana, using the Motion Synth to control vocal effects. Full video available here.

TheBasiBasiBasi multi-tracking strings using the Motion Synth.

Will Calhoun of Living Colour

Aphir performing on Baked Goods

Matthew Skopyk using the Motion Synth to compose and perform music for theatre. Watch Matthew Skopyk's full video here.

Out-takes from Run Dreamer's live-stream at AF Magazine's #sniff_il using the Motion Synth for sound control.

Experiments from Run Dreamer Run Dreamer

A video posted by iOSonik (@iosonik) on

Beautiful string sounds from iOSonik

Anej Kocevar trying out some filter control of his bass signal.

Portrait using the Motion Synth to control vocal effects and harmonies.

Aphir Turning motion control of an Ableton sound effect on and off via touch (see

A mysterious band from Guangzhou, China!

Mais um motion synth em andamento para futuras empreitadas ;) Another motion synth partnership coming ;)

Posted by Junior Carelli on Monday, 17 August 2015

Junior Carelli experimenting with guitar sounds on the Motion Synth

A new artistic collaboration from Neil Harbisson, Jazmyne Koch, and Cy Gorman involving the Motion Synth.

Intelligentsia discussing the incorporation of the Motion Synth into their music setup (This footage belongs to the BBC News Channel 'Click' - this is a 25 sec fair use sample of the full program)

AUUG Motion Synth! #auug #motion #synth #Beethoven

A video posted by Ben X Tan (@benxtan) on

Alan Jones (@BlueChilliGroup) trying out the Motion Synth


“This motion controller from AUUG has great potential for live performance!” - Goyte

“It's a very exciting time for musicians, with creative inventors rethinking what the human interface for a musical instrument should be in the age of synthesis. It’s clear the designers of the Motion Synth have thought deeply about how to efficiently capture the subtle gestures of the fingers, hand and arm for nuanced musical performance. I look forward to hearing the music that artists will create with this powerful and innovative musical tool.” - Roger Linn, “Father of the drum-machine”, creator of the LinnDrum, Akai MPC, AdrenaLinn, LinnStrument, and Grammy-winner (technical achievement)

“So awesome to be able to automate multiple effects via gestures. Makes producing SO much faster and expressive…..Officially addicted!” - Portrait (Motion Synth user, USA)

“This will change the way we create and teach music” - Rebecca Cetrola (Deputy Principal at Avila College, Melbourne):

“No keyboard controller I know of gives this level of feeling” - Gerald Nicks (Motion Synth user, USA)

“There is huge potential in this…this App is not a game or gimmick, it's a powerful tool….” - 'Moodgorning' (Motion Synth user, Germany)

“It’s just surprising that nobody thought of this before, because the concept is so simple and intuitive” - Wharf99 (Motion Synth user, Australia)

“AUUG is in the same league expressiveness-wise as a few of the better multi-thousand dollar controllers that I've had the good fortune to work with lately. You did a great job.” − Dave Casey (Motion Synth user, USA)

“My wife came in and saw me struggling over this review. She pointed out that I have been trying to write it for weeks, and asked why I was having so much trouble. Before I could answer she said: “Just tell them how you feel when you play it and why”. OK, I feel happy when I play the Motion Synth. Why? Well I don't have any formal music training or innate ability, and have severe arthritis in my hands which precludes me from playing most conventional instruments but, thanks to the Motion Synth hardware and software, I can make music and that… makes me happy”. − 'Transco' (Motion Synth user, USA)

AUUG Experiments

Below are some recent experiments in sound control at AUUG:

Two-handed control of multiple sounds plus a real-time animation created in Processing.

An explanation of the controls used in the video above.

An experiment with guitar sounds.

An attempt to play two Motion Synths at once, using the incredible WIVI band.

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