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Install on a new iPhone or Re-install

Logging into your AUUG user account on another iPhone:

  • You can not be successfully logged into the Motion Synth App on two devices at the same time via the same account.
  • If you want to swap to using the Motion Synth App on another iPhone or iPod touch device: Log out of the Motion Synth App on your current device, then log into the Motion Synth App on your second device. By doing this you will be able to use Multi-Key mode on the second device.
  • WARNING: If you want to delete and reinstall the App, you MUST LOG OUT of the App before deleting. After logging out, be sure to export any presets you want to keep, then delete and reinstall, and then log into your account (which should enable Multi-Key mode). More information available here.

Log out of existing AUUG user account:

  • To Log-out click the 'Help/Account' button in the main settings menu, then click 'Sign Out'.


  • If you want to reinstall the Motion Synth App, you MUST log out BEFORE deleting the App.
    • If you delete the App before logging out, you will not be able to successfully log into the new installation of the App.
    • If this happens to you, please get in touch so we can reset your user account.
  • Before deletion, be sure to also export any presets you want to keep, and then reimport them individually into your fresh install of the App.

Updating to version 1.3 and above

If you were using a version of the Motion Synth App lower than version 1.3, it is recommended that you delete the prior version before re-installing the latest version. By deleting the app first, you will automatically install the LATEST PRESETS for controlling these new in-app sounds. However, this will also delete any custom presets you have created, so follow the steps below.

BEFORE deleting your prior install of the Motion Synth app:

  1. Back up any custom presets that you have created and want to keep: Backup Presets instructions
  2. Log out of your AUUG account (if logged in): Log out instructions

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