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Reactivate Single-Key Mode

If you have activated your account via an activation code, but would like to have the option of using Single-Key Mode, this can be achieved by using the “Single-key MIDI note sequence” module in the Motion tab.

The first four factory presets (located in the Presets tab) include the Single-key MIDI note sequence module.

To activate or deactivate Single-Key Mode, go to the Motion tab, locate the Single-key MIDI note sequence module and activate it via the switch in the top right hand corner of the module:

Once the Single-key MIDI note sequence module is activated it should look like this:

Return to the Key Screen by tapping the “Keys” button in the top left hand corner:

Your Key Screen should now consist of a single button, but will not include the overlaid image that appears in the App when the user is not logged into an activated account:

TIP: To return to the beginning of a melody at any time, press the “All Notes Off” button located on the right of the Key Screen.

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