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Processing Example

The videos above demonstrate an animation (running on a laptop) that is responding to a user playing the Motion Synth.

As they play the animation is responding to their screen touches and motion (not to the sound they are playing).

Using motion to control visuals, rather than sound, allows much more dynamic, diverse, and responsive animations to be generated.

The sound is being produced by the Bowed Strings Reaktor Ensemble, and the animation is designed to be used with this sound and its corresponding preset in the Motion Synth App (factory preset number 5).

The animation is responding to the Motion Synth's Up-Down or Left-Right motion (bow speed), Up-Down Orientation change (vibrato), and key presses (note pitch).

Processing - a visual creation tool for artists

The animation shown above was created in a free programming environment called Processing.

Processing is used primarily for visual communication. You can download it for free here:

(If you get value from using Processing, please consider making a donation to them to support this amazing open platform).

Here some examples of some of the amazing visuals created with Processing (all with source code!):

The code that is used to create an animation is called a sketch, and the sketch used to create the animation above is available below.

You can either download (see below) and run the sketch as a standalone application (no need to install Processing) or as source code (can be run and modified via the Processing PDE).

You can download the Processing PDE for free here:

(If you get value from using Processing, please consider making a donation to them to support this amazing open platform).

Motion Synth App preset designed to work with this sketch is factory preset 5.

This sketch uses the MidiBus library, which can easily be imported within the Processing PDE (see Sketch > Import Library).

Processing Sketch (standalone application)

The full screen standalone versions of the sketch (see below) should be able to run on your system without requiring Processing to be installed.

Select the version based on your computer's operating system.

Once you have unzipped the download, the application you want to launch is 'Radial_Bezier_P2D'.

Mac users: If you are blocked from launching the application (because it is from an unidentified developer), either right-click on the application and select 'Open' from the pop-up menu, or go to Systems Preferences > Security & Privacy > General and give permission for the file to run. The file may crash at first launch, but should launch and run fine after that.

If you are using more than one monitor, the sketch will appear on the primary monitor.

The application will go full screen but can be quit with the ESC key.

IMPORTANT: To use this visual, make sure your MIDI Network session is named 'Session 1'. See here for further details.

Download for your operating system:

Processing Sketch (source code)


To edit and run the source code above, open the unzipped file in the Processing PDE available for free at

(If you find Processing useful, please consider making a donation at to keep this amazing open source project running!)

Within the Processing PDE, you can also create your own standalone application if you wish.

MIDI input: This will application will try to detect all available MIDI inputs and accept input from the first source it finds. Edit the source code to use a specific MIDI input (see line 95 of the code).

This code is shared under a Creative Commons license (Attribution):

Please feel free to use this sketch in public performances and to change the code as you wish. If you share the code please credit AUUG, as per the Creative Commons License (Attribution), and provide a url link to

See also:

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