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-===== GarageBand '​Strings'​ demo not working as expected ===== 
-**PROBLEM:​** When using the Motion Synth App to control the Strings instrument in GarageBand, I am able to trigger notes via the Motion Synth App, but I can't control the sound via motion as expected. 
-**SOLUTION:​** The Motion Synth App's factory presets 1, 2, and 3 differ in the amount of motion control the user has over the String instrument'​s sound. The increasing levels of motion control are listed here for: 
-  * [[public:​strings_garageband_setup_video?&#​preset1_ios_garageband_strings_-_octave_intensity|Preset 1]] 
-  * [[public:​strings_garageband_setup_video?&#​preset2_ios_garageband_strings_-_preset_1_volume|Preset 2]] 
-  * [[public:​strings_garageband_setup_video?&#​preset3_ios_garageband_strings_-_preset_2_pluck_strike_or_bow|Preset 3]] 
-Instructions on how to **change presets** within the Motion Synth App can be found [[public:​strings_garageband_setup_video?&#​switching_to_a_different_motion_synth_app_preset|here]]. 
 ===== Octave Control Audio Feedback ===== ===== Octave Control Audio Feedback =====
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