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Problems and Solutions:

'Open then close' bug

PROBLEM: Touching the Motion Synth App icon causes the app to open, but then it immediately closes again.

SOLUTION: If you are experiencing this problem please contact us immediately at webform ( at ) and we can help solve the problem for you. This issue may be the result of a recent iOS update and we are trying to work out which users are affected.

No Sound

PROBLEM: I want to use the Motion Synth App to control an audio app that is also running on my iPhone/iPod touch, but when I switch to the Motion Synth App there is no sound!

SOLUTION: Make sure that 'Background Mode' or 'Background Audio' has been switched on in the sound app you wish to control via the Motion Synth App. Turning Background Audio on tells iOS to keep the sound app running even though it is not in the foreground. A description of how to turn on Background Audio in GarageBand is provided here. A list of apps that have Background Mode capability can be found here. WARNING: After you have finished playing, be sure to turn off Background Audio or to dismiss the sound app (eg GarageBand) from active memory, otherwise the sound app will continue to use a lot of power.

Audio apps: Latency, responsiveness, or sound issues

PROBLEM: When using the Motion Synth App to control an audio app that is also running on my iPhone/iPod touch there is noticeable note latency, audio drop outs/distortion, or general poor responsiveness to screen commands.

SOLUTION: The Motion Synth App is designed to be highly efficient, allowing multiple streams of motion and note data to be processed simultaneously. Compatible audio apps, however, are often very demanding due to the processing required to synthesize sound and effects in real time. If you are experiencing any of the issues above it may be that the iPhone or iPod touch model you are using has insufficient processing power to run your chosen audio app and the Motion Synth App at the same time. A few possible solutions are:

  1. Use your Motion Synth to control external audio synthesis. An example of this would be using the Motion Synth to control audio software running on a laptop.
  2. Use an audio app that has lower processing demands.
  3. Switch to using the Motion Synth App and chosen audio app(s) on an iOS device with greater processing speed. Of the models we currently support, their relative processing speeds are from left (slowest) to right (fastest): iPhone 4S & iPod touch fifth gen < iPhone 5 & iPhone 5C < iPhone 5s (device storage memory, e.g. 16, 32, or 64 gb, will not affect app performance, since this memory is not acting as RAM). To switch the iOS device you wish to use the Motion Synth App on, please follow these steps.

Notes can be triggered, but their sound is not responding to motion

PROBLEM: When using the Motion Synth App to control an audio app that is also running on my iPhone/iPod touch, I can trigger notes and change octaves but my movements are not changing the sound of the notes.

SOLUTION: For the Motion Synth App to modulate the sounds of an Audio app, its MIDI messages must be configured to be sent to the correct destinations within the audio app. Learn more about this topic here.

Octave Control Audio Feedback

PROBLEM: When using the audio alert for Octave Control, I get an octave change sound in one direction but not coming back the other way.

SOLUTION: This is a feature of the audio alert: By indicating a threshold crossover in one direction only, this makes the audio feedback less intrusive.

Getting product support

PROBLEM: I need a question answered but you keep referring me to an answer on the web. Can't you just tell me the answer?

SOLUTION: Please understand that by encouraging users to look to existing sources of info we increase the time we can spend on product development and distribution. We get a lot of emails and answering them takes away time from improving the product and its materials.

Switch devices

PROBLEM: I want to login via a different device but an error message says I am already logged in.

SOLUTION: To login on a different device, you MUST log out of the device you were previously using. You don't need to reuse your activation code, you just need to sign in via your username (email address) and password. To retrieve a lost password, click on the 'Forgot' button in the Login / Signup screen.

Forgot Password

PROBLEM: I have forgotten my password.

SOLUTION: To retrieve a lost password, click on the 'Forgot' button in the Login / Signup screen, as shown below.

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