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Presets Tab (Main Menu)

 Presets tab

You can save your entire setup - including settings in both the Notes Tab (Main Menu) and the Motion Tab (Main Menu) - by saving a new preset in the Presets Tab of the Main Menu.

You can save as many presets as you like, allowing you to instantly switch between different setups.

IMPORTANT: When the Motion Synth App is completely shut-down (either by the user or iOS when conserving memory) you will lose any setup you have not saved as a preset.

When the Motion Synth App restarts it will load the last preset to be loaded in the previous session.

Almost every setting within the Notes Tab and Motion Tab is included within a preset.

One exception is the vertical position of the division between the top and bottom rows of the keys on the Key Screen - This setting remains the same across all presets.

The video below provides an introduction to the Presets Tab (Multi-Key Version), including instructions how to save, export, and import presets to the Motion Synth App.

Importing presets from this Wiki

Motion Synth presets can be stored directly within this wiki. Below is an example preset, and instructions on how to import this preset directly into the Motion Synth App. Importing is easiest when viewing this wiki on the device that is running the Motion Synth App.

Example preset:

How to import the above preset into the Motion Synth App:

iPhone/iPod touch (Safari):

  1. Tap inside the box above. This will activate text entry.
  2. Tap inside the box again to activate the “select all” option.
  3. After pressing “select all”, press “copy”. The preset is now copied to the “clipboard” on your iPhone or iPod touch.
  4. Return to the “Presets” tab in the Motion Synth App and select “Import” to transfer the preset from the clipboard to the Motion Synth App. Either use the default name or create your own.


  1. Place your cursor inside the text box above and activate “select all” (mac: COMMAND A, windows: CTRL A), then “copy”.

Backup Presets

Upgrading: Presets created in the Single-Key version of the app will be deleted when upgrading to the Multi-Key version of the app, but you can backup any preset and then re-import it after the upgrade.

New App versions: It is recommended to backup any valuable presets prior to switching to a new version of the Motion Synth app. While your saved presets should carry over smoothly to each new version of the Motion Synth App, it is a good precaution to export or backup any valuable presets prior to upgrading (this will also come in handy if you ever lose your iPhone or iPod touch).

You can either backup individual presets as text files, or backup your entire preset list.

Quickly backup a single preset

Simply by exporting a preset as text (see video above) and saving this text into some kind of text file (or email draft) is sufficient for re-importing the preset later.

Backup all presets to an external computer

You can backup all your presets in the form of the 'presets.plist' file associated with the Motion Synth app, and then reimport the entire file (should you lose presets that you value).

Follow these instructions, listed under the heading 'Copy files from an iOS app to your computer':

By following the instructions above, you can locate the Motion Synth app within the 'File Sharing' section of iTunes and then save its presets.plist file.

The link above also includes instructions for restoring the presets.plist file within the app (from the saved copy), as described under the heading 'Copy files from your computer to your iOS app'.

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