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Octave Control

The video below discusses the Motion Synth App's use of three zones of vertical orientation to control note octave.

See further instructions below this video for configuring octave control in the Notes Tab (Main Menu).

TIP: Forearm rotation does not affect the axis of vertical orientation for controlling note octave (see here for more info).


Octave Control - Settings

To configure Octave Control settings, navigate to the Notes Tab (Main Menu). To navigate from the Key Screen (shown below), press the 'Settings' button in the top left hand corner:

 Key Screen
Key Screen

Once you are in the Main Menu, ensure that the Notes Tab is selected:

Notes Tab (Main Menu)
Notes Tab (Main Menu)

Octave (neutral position)

The “Octave (neutral position)“ setting changes the octave value of the middle octave zone, thereby raising or lowering the octave values of the top and bottom octave zones.

If Octave Control is switched off, then “Octave (neutral position)” will set the octave value.

Octave Control - On / Off

Octave Control is on by default, but can be switched off via the “Octave Control” switch:

Octave boundary audio feedback

Use this switch to activate audio feedback that is triggered each time the user transitions from the middle octave zone to either the lower or upper octave zone (no sound triggered by transitions to the middle zone).

This audio feedback may be useful for some users in learning where the vertical orientation thresholds are between the octave zones.

The audio feedback will be deactivated if an audio app running in the background assumes control of iOS sound output.

See also:

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