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Notes Tab (Main Menu)

The video below provides an introduction to the Notes Tab in the main menu of the Motion Synth App (Multi-Key Version).

NOTE: This video does not include the new In-App Sounds included in release 1.3 Motion Synth App and up. See below for more info.


Within the Notes Tab you can change the musical scale and its tonic (starting note) assigned to the keys on the Key Screen.

Because the Key Screen includes eight keys the available musical scales are 'diatonic'. If you want to access a chromatic scale while you play, have a look at the Motion Legato module.

If there are specific notes you want to play, but you are not sure which key and scale includes these notes, use this online tool to find the right key and scale combination that includes these specific notes:

Octave Control

Within the Notes Tab you can also turn orientation-based Octave Control on or off.

Within the Notes Tab you can also set the 'Octave (neutral position)', which is the octave that notes are played in when Octave Control is off, or when Octave Control is on and the user is in the middle octave zone.

In-App Sounds

Within the In-App Sounds section of the Notes Tab you can also switch the In-App Sounds on or off.

If you are using the Motion Synth as a MIDI controller and don't want to use these the In-App Sounds, you can save battery life by ensuring that the In-App Sounds are turned off.

Within the In-App Sounds section you can also switch instruments. However, be aware that each instrument relies on specific motion-to-sound control signals from modules in the Motion Tab (Main Menu), so it is advisable to switch sounds using the factory presets in the Presets Tab (Main Menu).

The instrument Reverb level can also be adjusted in the In-App Sounds section of the Notes Tab.

More information on In-App Sounds is available here.

7 Note Scales for smaller hands

After adjusting both the on-screen keys and the Key Divider, if you are still having difficulty reaching the lower row key corresponding to your little finger ('lower row little finger key'), you may find a 7 note arrangement for the Key Screen helpful.

These 7 note note arrangements are designed to make use of this particular lower row little finger key unnecessary.

To select a 7 note arrangement, navigate to the Notes Tab (Main Menu) and tap 'Scale'.

Once looking at the Scale list, scroll down to the scales at the bottom of the list. Here you will find a series of '7 note' scales.

These 7 note scales contain all the conventional notes of their named scales, however, they do not include the +1 octave tonic note on the upper row little finger key.

Instead, all the notes on the top row are dropped one scale degree down, causing the upper row index finger key and the lower row little finger key (marked yellow in the image below) to trigger the same note. This allows you to avoid using the lower row little finger key, while still being able to play diatonic scales. If you would like to see further support for this feature please let us know.

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