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Activation of Multi-key mode

The description below explains how to register for an AUUG account and activate this account using an activation code.

Activation will allow you to use the Motion Synth App in Multi-Key mode.

The activation code will be emailed to you after you have purchased a Motion Synth Grip.

Activation of Multi-Key mode via an activation code requires your iPhone or iPod touch to be connected to the internet.

Register and activate account:

  1. Open the AUUG Motion Synth App
  2. Press the “Help / Upgrade” text in the top right corner of the main menu
  3. To enter an activation code, you first need to register for an account: Do this by pressing the “Login/Signup” button. If you have already registered, you can login.
    1. If you have purchased an Motion Synth grip online from AUUG, please signup with the same email address you used when ordering if possible.
  4. After registration you should be presented with the activation screen.
  5. Enter you name and activation code and press submit.
  6. ALTERNATIVE: If already logged in, find the “Activate” button (located under the “Login/Signup” button), press it, and then proceed with activation.

If you have successfully activated your account the “Help / Upgrade” screen in the Motion Synth App should look like this (with your username):

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