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Motion Tab (Main Menu)

The Motion Tab is where you can design how your movements get translated into signals for controlling sounds or visuals.

This is done by adding, configuring, or removing Modules.

Anyone can do this, without any prior music software experience: You only need to learn a few basic things about MIDI to get started.

The video below provides an introduction to using the Motion Tab in the Multi-Key version of the Motion Synth App. However, you can also use a limited number of Modules in the Single-Key version of the Motion Synth App.

To learn more about the individual Modules within the Motion Tab click here.

Motion Tab - Key issues:

  • If there are no Modules present and active in the Motion Tab, then no motion or orientation data are being sent from the Motion Synth app.
  • The Motion Tab allows you to design or modify how your movements are translated into signals that can control sound (or whatever else you wish to control; e.g. visuals, games, robots, etc).
  • This is achieved via a simple graphical user interface (no coding required) comprised of Modules.
  • These Modules translate your motion and orientation into MIDI messages that can be sent to other apps or external software and hardware.
  • There are a variety of different Modules and they can be used together in any combination.
  • Modules can be added, removed, and configured.
  • Each saved Preset includes all the loaded Modules.
  • Multiple copies of the same module type can be used simultaneously.
  • As long as the Module are not configured to control the same output parameter, they do not interact.
  • It does not make any difference which order the modules are added in. Their order can only be changed through deletion and re-addition in the desired order.
  • A list of the available modules can be found here.
  • A list of the available orientations and motions, that serve as inputs to the modules, can be found here.

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