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Motion Synth App - Introduction

The Motion Synth App converts your iPhone's (or iPod touch's) motion sensor data into signals for shaping sound. These signals can be used to control the Motion Synth's in-app sounds, or the sounds of other iOS music apps or external devices.

For example, when launching the Motion Synth App for the first time, follow the video tutorial instructions which will explain how to control the sound of the Motion Synth app's own sounds.

The Motion Synth App can also control other iOS audio apps running on the same device, or external devices (like laptop audio software). Similar to the usefulness of a MIDI keyboard, this design is favoured by professional musicians because of the resulting freedom and flexibility to choose from a much larger range of sounds than a single software or hardware device could provide.

The App can be installed on iPhones (4S and up) and iPod touch devices (5th generation and up), however the Motion Synth Grip currently supports iPhone models 4S, 5, 5C, 5S, and SE.

The Motion Synth App also includes a variety of screens optimized for playing and configuration, as described below.

App version: Multi-Key vs Single-Key Mode

[Multi-Key Mode (Key Screen)] [Single-Key Mode (Key Screen)] [Play in Multi-Key mode] [Play in Single-Key mode]

After you have installed the Motion Synth App via the App Store (available here), the App initially functions in “Single-Key Mode”.

If you have purchased an AUUG Motion Synth Grip (available here) you will receive an activation code for enabling “Multi-Key Mode”.

There are a few differences between the Multi-Key vs Single-Key versions of the app, but the primary difference is that in the Multi-Key version the Key Screen (see below) is designed to take advantage of ergonomics, attachment, and tactile feedback provided by the Motion Synth Grip.

Key Screen:

This screen includes 8 button zones (when Multi-Key mode is enabled via an activated user account), which are aligned precisely with the Motion Synth Grip key divider, and are designed to play diatonic scales (e.g. C Major).

Watch a VIDEO introduction to the Key Screen here.

[ Key screen (Multi-Key Mode) ] [Key screen (Single-Key Mode)]

Notes Tab:

Here you can choose the scale you wish to play (e.g. E minor), the scale’s octave, activation of orientation-based octave control, and other musical options. The Notes Tab also allows you to turn the in-app sounds on or off, and select which sound you would like to play.

Watch a VIDEO introduction to the Notes Tab here.

Motion Tab:

As an option for those who want to dig deeper, this window includes a modular menu system for selecting and combining the unique motion-to-sound translation algorithms we have designed, as well as configuring how these translations are outputted via MIDI. There is a range of module types to chose from, and each module type can be added, configured, and deleted as you wish.

Watch a VIDEO introduction to the Motion Tab here.

Presets Tab:

Here you can load or save presets, which include all app settings (as well as user motion-to-sound translation configuration changes made in the Motion tab). In this window you can also export or import these presets for sharing with other users.

Watch a VIDEO introduction to the Presets Tab here.

 Presets tab

Help / Account (or Help / Upgrade) Screen

Via this screen you can find links to online setup and use guides (located within this wiki), as well as a link to the Motion Synth forum.

This screen also provides access to account sign-up, login, sign-out (required if you wish to login via an alternative device), as well as account activation via an activation code (provided with purchase of a Motion Synth Grip).

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