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MIDI Mapping

'MIDI Mapping' refers to the ability of software to assign control of a parameter to a knob or fader, just by operating that knob or fader.

You can use MIDI mapping with the Motion Synth, and you will be assigning control of a parameter to a motion or orientation. Each motion or orientation is sent by a module in the Motion Tab.

MIDI mapping is a feature of software applications like Ableton Live, Reason, and Logic. Within these programs MIDI mapping should only be 'on' when you are mapping a motion or orientation to a sound parameter, not when you are trying to perform music.

MIDI Mapping with the Motion Synth

We have made MIDI mapping much simpler by creating the Master Switch module.

If you are sending only one motion or orientation from the Motion Synth App to your software, MIDI mapping with the Motion Synth is very simple. You simply have one Module active in the Motion Tab (Main Menu) of the Motion Synth App, turn on MIDI mapping in your laptop software, and you should see the motion or orientation selected in you module changing the mapped item in your selected laptop software parameter.

However, if you are using multiple motions or orientations for control (i.e. multiple modules), while MIDI mapping is on you need to make sure the Motion Synth App is only sending the motion or orientation you want to assign to laptop software parameter.

This is made much easier to do with the help of the Master Switch module.

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