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Max ( visual example

Max is a visual programming environment available from

Below is an example of video file control in Max. Follow the steps below to try it out.

(1) Download this video file:

Flower timelapse video sample

(2) Download this Max patch:


(3) Ensure that the video file and Max patch are saved in the same folder.

(4) Import the Motion Synth App preset below into the Motion Synth App (see instructions underneath):

(5) Load the Max patch, and within Max go to Options > MIDI Setup: Ensure that Max is receiving MIDI messages from the Motion Synth App.

(6) Press 'Q' on the keyboard. The video window should open and the flower should respond to your motion (as long as you are touching at least one key) and change its colour depending on your Up-Down orientation.

How to import the above preset into the Motion Synth App:

iPhone/iPod touch (Safari):

  1. Tap inside the box above. This will activate text entry.
  2. Tap inside the box again to activate the “select all” option.
  3. After pressing “select all”, press “copy”. The preset is now copied to the “clipboard” on your iPhone or iPod touch.
  4. Return to the “Presets” tab in the Motion Synth App and select “Import” to transfer the preset from the clipboard to the Motion Synth App. Either use the default name or create your own.


  1. Place your cursor inside the text box above and activate “select all” (mac: COMMAND A, windows: CTRL A), then “copy”.
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