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Playing Your First Sounds

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The Motion Synth App (version 1.3 and above) includes its own in-app sounds.

NOTE: If you are upgrading from a installed app version lower than 1.3, please follow these "Updating to version 1.3 and above" steps.

The videos below explain how to get started with the factory presets of the Motion Synth App.

The factory presets that include in-app sounds are also explained in detail here.

Playing with or without a Motion Synth Grip

If you have purchased a Motion Synth Grip and are using an activated version of the Motion Synth App, the videos below are still relevant to you. In this instance the factory presets will default to setting the Key Screen to Multi-Key mode. Multi-Key mode will allow you to play your own melodies directly from the touchscreen, but all the motion-control of the sounds (demonstrated in the videos below) will be identical to that available in Single-Key mode

If you wish to use Single-Key Mode with your Motion Synth Grip, follow these simple instructions to reversibly turn Single-Key Mode back on.

[ Multi-Key version (Key Screen) ] [ Single-Key version (Key Screen) ] [Play in Multi-Key mode] [Play in Single-Key mode]

In-App Tutorial Videos 1 to 4:

The tutorial videos 1 to 4 below are identical to those provided within the Motion Synth App (click 'SETUP VIDEO' button on the Key Screen).

These videos explain step-by-step how to use and play the factory presets included with the app.

NOTE: As explained above, these videos primarily demonstrate the use of the Motion Synth App in Single-Key mode, without use of the Motion Synth Grip. However, the forms of motion-to-sound control are the same regardless of which mode is used.

The factory presets that include in-app sounds are also explained in detail here.

1 - Play Notes:

The video below explains how to play a melody in Single-Key mode. To make this learning step easier, the sound is not affected by motion at this stage.

2 - Use Motion to Control Sound:

The video below explains how to use motion and orientation changes to expressively control the sound of the notes you are playing:

3 - Change Presets:

The video below explains how to switch presets in order to change the instrument sound and how movement shapes this sound.

4 - Motion Synth Grip:

The video below explains how the Motion Synth Grip helps transform your device into and practical and powerful motion-based musical instrument:

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