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Herald Brass (beta)

Herald Brass is a Reaktor ensemble created by Chet Singer, and adapted for use with the Motion Synth.

It is a highly responsive 'physical model' of a trumpet that does not rely on recorded samples. This makes the sound extremely detailed and expressive.

To use this sound you will need to install the (free) Reaktor Player on your laptop and import a matching Motion Synth App preset. Everything you need is provided below.


  1. Download and install the FREE Reaktor player to your laptop/desktop (unless you already have the full version).
  2. Reaktor player will allow you to play the .ens file for 30 mins before needing to relaunch the player again.
    1. There is no limit on how many times you can relaunch.
    2. Both mac and PC are supported.
  3. Launch Reaktor player and complete any configuration popups.
  4. Download the ensemble here:
  5. Import the 'Herald Brass Preset' below into the Motion Synth App.
  6. Within Reaktor go to File > Audio and MIDI Setup > MIDI and ensure that the Motion Synth is providing MIDI input to Reaktor (see image below).

[ Audio and MIDI Settings]

Motion Synth App Preset for Herald Brass:

Import this preset into the Motion Synth App (see instructions below).

How to import the above preset into the Motion Synth App:

iPhone/iPod touch (Safari):

  1. Tap inside the box above. This will activate text entry.
  2. Tap inside the box again to activate the “select all” option.
  3. After pressing “select all”, press “copy”. The preset is now copied to the “clipboard” on your iPhone or iPod touch.
  4. Return to the “Presets” tab in the Motion Synth App and select “Import” to transfer the preset from the clipboard to the Motion Synth App. Either use the default name or create your own.


  1. Place your cursor inside the text box above and activate “select all” (mac: COMMAND A, windows: CTRL A), then “copy”.

How to play:

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