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 +====== Forget '​known'​ WiFi Networks ======
 +Ad hoc networks launched by a computer are often weak relative to those created by a router.
 +If your iPhone/iPod touch is receiving a stronger signal from a router network and it '​knows'​ that network, it may attempt to automatically switch to the stronger known wifi network.
 +A couple of different ways to reduce undesired switching are:
 +  * Stay either close enough to computer that launched the ad hoc network, or far enough from '​known'​ router networks, such that the signal of the former is substantially stronger than the latter.
 +  * '​Forget'​ the router network on your iPhone/iPod touch: Go to **Settings > Wi-Fi**, then select the '​known'​ network, then press '​**Forget this Network**'​. ​
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