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Prevent slippage of iPhone or iPod touch

To get the best fit of your Model #1 Motion Synth Grip to your iPhone or iPod touch it may be helpful to make some minor adjustments to the Grip.

No adjustment should be required if you are using the Model #2 Motion Synth Grip.

As shown in the video below, this can be done by hand and no tools are required.

TIP: If you have an audio or Lightning (USB) cable plugged into your iPhone, and want to prevent the cable for pulling on your iPhone (or being pulled out of the iPhone), try running the cable through one of the rear triangle holes in the palm section of the Grip1).

Watch this video to learn how to increase or decrease how tightly your iPhone or iPod touch is held within the Motion Synth Grip.

Next Step:

An example of how to run a USB lightning cable through one of the palm triangle holes to prevent the cable pulling on, or being pulled out of, your iPhone or iPod touch
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