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Ableton Live

Ableton Live:

For those of you familiar with Ableton Live, one popular feature is MIDI mapping.

Some background on MIDI mapping and instructions for MIDI mapping via the Motion Synth are available here.

Example project for Ableton Live: Beat Repeat demo

The video below demonstrates this Ableton Live project in action:

Ableton Live:

Beat Repeat Project Download (requires Ableton Live 9 or above):

The Ableton Live project above is designed to work with the Multi-Key version of the Motion Synth App (plus the grip).

Load the project above into Ableton Live, connect your Motion Synth to your computer via a wireless or cabled connection. If you don't have Live, Ableton offers a free 30 day trial.

Important: Make sure you have Ableton's MIDI preferences setup correctly as described here.

Press play (space bar) to start the loop sequences within the Ableton Live session.

Use Factory Preset 9.2 in the AUUG Motion Synth App to control the Ableton Live session.

This Ableton Live project has been improved since the video above was shot, however the video still provides a good indication of the types of control available in this project.

Ableton MIDI preferences:

Go to Live > Preferences > MIDI Sync, and ensure that both 'Track' and 'Remote' are on for your Motion Synth input.

The settings shown below are for Motion Synth input via WiFi.

Ensure also that Takeover Mode is set to None, as other Takeover Mode settings may produce unexpected results during use with the Motion Synth.

See also:

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