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Featured applications

Here's a list of some of the things you can do with your Motion Synth:

In-App Sounds

The Motion Synth app includes a selection of instrument sounds including an orchestra, clarinet, flute, choir, bass synth, and guitar.

To get started playing these sounds watch the In-App Tutorial videos and try out the Factory Presets that utilise In-App Sounds.

Bowed Strings

Play a highly expressive bowed strings sound via your laptop:

More Info

Ableton Live

Mix samples and control effects with this example project in Ableton Live:

More Info

Animoog for iPhone (controlled by Motion Synth)

Use motion and touch to play the Animoog app (running in background on your iPhone or iPod touch), as shown in the first two examples in this video:

More Info

Expressively control vocal harmonies and effects

The Motion Synth can be used to control other apps or hardware that process vocal harmonies and effects, as shown in the video below:

More info on vocal harmonies and vocal effects control.

Motion-controlled animation

Control animations in realtime with motion and touch:

More Info

Get a Motion Synth Grip

To purchase a Motion Synth Grip and activate the Multi-Key version of the Motion Synth App, please visit:

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