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Activation of Multi-key mode

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  • After you have installed the Motion Synth App via the App Store (available here), the App can initially only be used in “Single-Key Mode”.
  • If you have purchased an AUUG Motion Synth Grip (available here) you will receive an activation code (by email) for enabling “Multi-Key Mode” (as well as other features).
  • The activation code is used to activate your AUUG user account and only needs to be entered once.
  • If you have purchased more than one Motion Synth Grip you will receive an additional activation code for each unit. Please use each activation code to activate a separate user account with a separate email address.
  • WARNING: If you want to delete and reinstall the App OR switch to using the App on a new iPhone, you must LOG OUT of the App before deleting. More info available here.

To enable Multi-Key Mode, please enter your personal activation code according to these instructions:

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